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The After Tryout Rostering and Team Building Process

Tryout time is exciting, but it can also cause a bit of anxiety for both players and the club.  This year we had our largest tryout ever with almost 700 players participating.  We scheduled more sessions overall this year than last in an effort to give every player participating a fair shot and opportunity to shine.

The tryout process is not perfect, it never is, but after seven years as a club we continue to get better at it.  Our coaches meet after every session to turn in evaluations and to discuss players, and what we can do to make the next session even better.  So the question remains, how does a team get built?

There are quite a number of things that go into player placement.  There are the evaluations, of which there are multiple of these on every player generally.  But that is not all of the process.  We know tryouts can be stressful and we all have great and rough days, so club coaches who have prior experience with individual players offer their direct input.  If players participate in school ball, their school coaches may even be contacted for their opinions.  We are also limited in player placement by the AHSAA 50% rule.  Another item that goes into placement is what a player chooses as their commitment level (State League, Tournament, Local or Training Only - these are explained at the end).  The commitment level chosen is not guarantied, but rather the player stating the highest level of commitment they will accept if offered.  The invitation may be for a lower level of commitment.

So after individual evaluations and everyone's input, our Director of Coaching, two Assistant Directors of Coaching, Coaching Committee Chair and Executive Director build the rosters.  This is a time consuming process, but they do their best to get it right.  Then after the majority agrees the roster is ready, invitations go out for that team.  The committee's goal is to objectively give every player an opportunity for the best experience, both with skill development and game play.

Players and parents may sometimes disagree with placement, again this is not an exact science, but it is as close as we can get.  With a club of our size, there is opportunity within the season to move up if warranted, and down if the effort and dedication are not there.  It is truly up to the player to shine on whatever team they play.

Again, we thank each and everyone of you for your participation.  Mobile United FC is a club made up of individuals and their families, that form into teams, managers and fans with one purpose, enjoying the beautiful game.  We are United... Mobile United FC!!!

The experience between State League and Tournament is very similar.  State League gets to travel throughout the state and will be given the opportunity to play in the State Cup for the State Championship if they qualify.  Tournament is comparable in skill level, but travels to one additional tournament instead of playing in a league.  Local teams play in the local league, as well as in our Azalea City Cup tournament, so really no travel at all.  Finally training only players are just that, they are assigned to a team for training, no games other than in practice scrimmages.  All players will receive similar training, generally two practices a week for the entirety of the season.

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